Silver Plated Pewter
        Findings are often made of silver plated pewter.  Durable, affordable, and beautiful.  This material has the shine of silver, without breaking the bank.  Always made in the USA by TierraCast.

Beautiful TierraCast findings are available in 
an array of styles, metals, and finishes.
Gold Plated Pewter
        Jewelry that needs the classic luster of gold is often made with this material.  Surprisingly affordable.  Always made in the USA by TierraCast.

Solid Copper
        An often overlooked material that has a classic and undeniably earthy appeal.  Copper is durable, when well cared for, and very affordable.  Always made in the USA.  **Please note, some people are "allergic" or "sensitive" to copper.  If you have never worn copper before, you should check for a reaction after a few hours of wear.**

Unkamen Supplies makes our copper materials in Rolla, Montana and Livingston, Texas.  

Unkamen Supplies makes our superior quality copper findings, 
and they are a family owned and operated business.

Solid Polished Pewter
        This material is usually found in charms.  Soft and easily antiqued, it is perfect for exquisitely detailed pieces.  Our pewter charms are sourced globally, but we always buy from vendors in the USA and give preference to local artists.

Sterling Silver
        A durable alloy of silver and other metals, mostly copper.  Sterling silver is the benchmark material for jewelry and yields a brilliant and classy look.

Solid Brass
        Elegant, Victorian, and evocative of images of earlier times.  This metal strikes a compromise between the stateliness of gold and the brilliance of silver.  An alloy of copper and zinc, it is also very durable.   **Please note, some people are "allergic" or "sensitive" to the zinc or the copper in brass.  If you have never worn brass before, you should check for a reaction after a few hours of wear.**

All of our brass is made in the USA by Vintaj.

Vintaj brass offers exquisite detail and an undeniably classic look.