What are lampwork beads?

Lampwork beads are created by using a gas fueled torch to melt rods and tubes of clear and colored glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements.  Different colors may be introduced to create a pattern or image. 

What are "boro" beads?

Lampwork beads can be made with "soft glass" (soda-lime glass) or "hard glass" (borosilicate glass).  As a result, some beads are referred to as "boro" beads, indicating that they are "hard" or borosilicate glass.  It is generally more expensive to produce boro beads, because the materials and equipment are more costly.

Lampwork glass beads provide an ideal focal point in bracelets and earrings.  Here, the featured bead seems larger than life due to a refractive effect, like looking down at coral through sparkling ocean water.
 Where Does Jenn get her lampwork beads?
Our lampwork beads are sourced exclusively from artists based in the U.S.  Whenever possible, we buy directly from the artist, thus saving money and guaranteeing a fair deal.  All of our beads were properly kiln annealed by the artist to assure their durability and quality.

Jenn has discovered several artists that she relies on when designing a lampwork piece.  Bernadette Fuentes creates beautiful sugar beads that layer colors and bring incredible dimension to any piece.  Jenn says "Bernadette's beads are so colorful and funky; they have style."

Iris Buchholz (of Iris Glass Art) makes beads that Jenn adores, "these beads have amazing depth.  They also seem so familiar; when I see one, it always brings something to mind.  They are inspiring."
Lampwork glass beads can take on infinite variations in texture, color, and depth.