Natural and colored gemstone beads are a natural fit for many of our designs.  Jen carefully selects high quality gemstones of various types and colors for her bracelets and earrings.  While natural gemstones are preferred, sometimes a dyed gem has a more saturated color that is appropriate for the piece.  Below are some of Jen's favorite stones and images of designs that include them.
Naturally green aventurine evokes forests, deep green rivers, and a sense of mystery.  Paired with copper it is natural and elegant, or paired with silver and blues it can be sparkling bright and pretty.  Aventurine is a form of quartz, and is generally sourced from India, where it is found in abundance.

Agate, a micro-crystalline silica, comes naturally in nearly every color imaginable.  Jen used the crazy lace agate pictured above (the cloudy, marble-esque purple beads) in her Purple Jasmine Bracelet.  A more familiar red agate appears above in Jen's Summer Sunset bracelet.  

Pretty, elegant, and almost supernatural looking, agate is a wonderful gem for many designs.  Agate is mostly found in the Americas, and is especially plentiful in the pacific northwest where we live and work.
"Pink Jade"  
True Pink Jade is extremely rare and precious.  This stone, a colored Quartzite, is brilliantly pink and has a wonderful weight and depth.  Jen used it recently in the Secret Garden bracelet to bring to life the roses and apple blossoms so elegantly described in Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic novel.